the Surgeon


Caira is quite young at 30 considering her prowess at performing complicated surgeries, and loves to study odd creatures. Cheeky and eccentric, her hobbies seem questionable to outsiders and yet few truly understand the beauty of her work. She loves to perform on new subjects, especially on those who cannot refuse, dead or otherwise. Though she is human now, Caira has other plans for her future.


Caira was brought up in The Northern Wastes near Orus. Her home was close to civilization, but because she lived in the mountainous regions, her experiences with other people was very limited. Though her father was a skilled medicine man in the Tipia-Abjura conflict, she took a stronger interest in the instrumental techniques that were applied to patients without the use of divine magic.

Her first operations were conducted on dead creatures and humanoids to gain a better understanding of different biological systems, and soon enough she began playing with the possibility of combining the live flesh of different organisms in order to create a stronger being. Fascinated with this, Caira began to experiment on captured animals, and found that although the procedure was dangerous and arduous, she became skilled enough that this practice came easy to her. Fueling her growing hobby was her mother, who helped by summoning strange pseudonatural creatures for Caira to study.

However, her fascination with extraordinary creatures led to her becoming dismayed that she was nothing more than a human. During her studies, she came across a book detailing the mythology of Ragnorra, Mother of Monsters. Existing to spawn life in her terrible image, she spreads spores that birth aberrants and unimaginable monsters. Drawn to this twisted interpretation of life, Caira seeks knowledge that will let her transcend the boundaries that exist between lifeforms.

With her mind fixed on this goal, Caira sets off to find strange creatures and magic throughout the world, but not before hugging her parents good-bye.


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