Of Fire and Earth


Small for even his race, Ket stands barely below many folk’s waists. His scaly hide is a earthy dark brown, reminiscent of the environment that many Kobolds love. Ket’s small horns have been dyed over time to a rich green color found in pine needles. His eyes are deep brown-red like the fire and earth that fascinate him so. Those who notice Ket’s tiny hands realize that they are thick and blistered from work with hot glass. But the way he moves suggests that his work has not caused him to lose any dextrous quality.


Ket hatched in a kobold lair near the Red Forest, but left around the age of six due to overcrowding. Brimming with adolescent overconfidence, he decided to branch out on his own rather than band together with other kobolds who were leaving. This proved to be a poor decision, as he had relied on the rest of the lair all of his life; before long, he found himself ill and weak from exposure. Luckily, he fell asleep near a holy Druid domain, and a young Druid in training discovered him while looking for trout lily. Ket was brought back to the Druids, who allowed him to stay, especially considering that he quickly picked up Common. Before long Ket convinced the Druids to teach him their ways despite his race. For the next several years, he underwent rigorous training. However, most of the Druids never came to like him, remaining suspicious due to his race and silence. As soon as he managed to attain an animal companion – a major threshold in the Druidic schooling – they sent him away on a mission on their behalf. He was to seek out new recruits for training, specifically humans or elves, for the Druids did not want to take on another kobold.

Ket set out once again, this time much better prepared and accompanied by his newfound companion Habit, a hawk. He eventually came to Greywood, where he spent several months watching a particular human who seemed particularly suited to Druidism. The man was silent and graceful, a natural survivor, particularly gifted at tracking and hunting. Ket remained unnoticed by watching from high branches with Habit. He was uncertain how to go about recruiting the man, and as time went on, he became less certain about whether he wanted to recruit him at all. The man would become indoctrinated and prejudiced against Ket’s own race if he were trained formally with the Druids; he might be better off left on his own. At last Ket chose to leave Greywood and set his own path, betraying his tutors, but not their teachings. The man never knew of his silent observers.

Ket headed westward with vague plans of solitary travel. Near Deek’s Repose, however, he met a fellow kobold and stopped for the night to rest and talk. The kobold introduced Ket to his craft of glassblowing, and Ket was enchanted. For the first time, he was able to do something purely for pleasure. Ket set aside his plans and became an apprentice to the older kobold. About a year after he began glassblowing, Ket went on a routine trip to Pen’s Ferry for supplies… but unbeknownst to him, the adventure of his life was (probably) waiting.


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