Leon Rivers

A Man of Many Titles


The Sworn Protector of Lodeshire stands a good hand’s breadth higher than most common men, although he fits among the crowds of Orus’s southern reaches with his light skin and dark hair. He may be getting on in age, but the twinkle in his rich brown eyes carries the vigor and wit of a much younger man. Out in the day, Leon wears dashing outfits of white starched shirts and high boots, but he is known to don sturdier leather garments when night falls and danger is afoot.


Known in Three Steams as a misbegotten craven, through the traders’ guilds of Sunhaven as a black-hearted swindler, and within the pot shops of Col as a damned good forger, Lord Riverion of the Windswept Lands, Champion of the Low-Born and Voice of the Forgotten, Sworn Protector of Lodeshire, Hogberry, Redbelly Inn, and Celia’s Bordello by the Docks of Dalarus, Preserver of the Powerless and Lady Vanessa’s Teats, has, of late, begun to harbor certain doubts towards the authenticity of a name. Lord Riverion, or Leon Rivers, was born a bastard to parents unknown and set beside a wayside inn in Orus. Taken into a particularly generous barmaid’s care, Leon quickly grew familiar with the less scrupulous members of his community—as well as the conning, racketeering, and hustling they’d inflict upon those like his adopted mother. As he came of age, Leon managed to talk his way into one of these outfits, and shortly thereafter collected not an insignificant fee from pilfering the spoils of their operations. With sharp wit and a rogue’s eye, Leon sowed the seeds of suspicion amongst his fellow bandits, collecting their stashes of ill-gotten gains even as they were at each other’s throats, literally, before repeating his operation in another outfit under another name. Of course, the proceeds from Leon’s exploits rarely found their way into the hands of the less fortunate, but desperate peasants are always easy to buy, especially if one styles themselves a vigilante. Thus did Leon’s title, initially offered up by an inebriated patron of the Trundling Boar, swell up to its current incarnation, a size rivalled only by his ego. Now in search of bigger prey—and bigger rewards—Leon has set out of his backwater haunts for the splendors of Eastport. Whatever dangers await him in the wider world ahead, Leon worries little. For the honor of the smallfolk—and for Vanessa’s teats—he hopes to tack a few more titles onto his name.

Leon Rivers

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