Orc Slayer


Orion is tall for a human, and carries himself with a grace that is elven in nature. The forest is his home, and he dresses to match it. Earthen palettes in his clothing bring out his brown hair and green eyes. He lives for vengeance, and makes stoic yet helpful company. His stony silence scares some people off, but those who get to know Orion realize that he feels most at home listening to the noises of the forest rather than talking or making noise himself.


Orion was born in a small town by the sea to two loving parents. These parents nurtured him until he was 5 years old and a roaming group of orcs from the hills of eastern Orus burned down his village, killed his family, and drove him and the rest of the town’s survivors deep into the Greywood. This is where Orion and the survivors lived, and where Orion learned his most basic skills – how to use rope, how to build a fire, how to shoot a bow. Orion quickly grew to be one of the best hunters around, capable surviving in the wilderness alone for days, tracking very elusive animals, and consistently bringing home food to eat. His desire to avenge his parents by slaying the evil orc bandits drove him to participate in the quest at hand.


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