Bard on the Run


Aerietema Naïlo (Nightbreeze), know known as Tem-Lo, is quite young for an elf. However, her tumultuous past is given away by the pain in her grey-green eyes. She hides her pain under the guise of a beautiful traveling minstrel, who can inspire tears of joy and wonder with the music she plays. She is around average height for her kind, as slim and possibly even more beautiful than many of the fair folk. Her dark brown hair hangs loose down to her waist. To entertain she wears the beautiful dresses of a performing minstrel, but she is not unfamiliar to the cold leather of combat.


Born into an elven noble-family of Gleamwood as Aerietema Naïlo, Tem-Lo was recognized at a young age for her natural musical talent. She grew up in the city of Menida separated from her family to study under the tutelage of violin master Sable Renjay. Raised as a noble person, Tem-Lo felt it was her patriotic duty to serve in the war, so she joined the military against the wishes of her tutor at the age of 114. She progressed through basic training quickly where she became quite prodigious with a light weight short blade. With some influence from her father she was assigned a position as the commander of a small troop on the border Tipa and Abjura directly to the west of Gleamwood as her first assignment. There was little action in her secluded post and in fact she came to know some of the farmers and soldiers on the Tipa side of the border (where the nearest alehouse was located). She became known locally for her exceptional fiddling. Eight years into her post, she received notice from her region general that in response to a political insult from the Tipan ambassador, the Abjuran nobility had issued orders to burn Tipan border towns. She followed her orders because she believed in the Archmagi, but once the reality of what she had done hit her: that she had burned the lands of innocent farmers who she had come to know, Tem-Lo resigned her position and went into years of drunken depression. Her only escape from the terror of what she’d done was in her music. She lost all faith in the nobility and declared the war unjust, whereupon she was recruited by a small resistance group. Two years ago, in a drunken bar-fight she unwittingly killed a minor noble-elf. She has been on the run from the authorities ever since. Posing as a minstrel, she has been traveling the lands looking for the support of somebody with enough influence to make a difference in the resistance effort. She had her innocent looking custom violin bow, which is metal reinforced and has a concealed blade, made to her specifications in order to get past guards and security points on the borders.


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