North of the Partheonic Ocean and east of Lake Titanous lies the country of Orus. It is a large country, covered by rivers, mountains, forest and plains. The northernmost reaches lie in the Frostfall, while the south borders the ocean and has a warm climate. Orus is bordered by The North Wastes in the northern region, Pycus directly to the west, and Abjura farther south.


Orus’ communities mainly include humans, which make up 83% of all inhabitants. Closer to the north, the dwarven and gnomish populations can make up to half of the composition of hamlets and small burgs. Most halfling communities lie in the south, while elves tend to be scattered here and there near forested areas. In the larger cities in the west, humans are by and large the majority.


Orus has been an elected monarchy for many ages. Its sage-kings are selected by a long process simply known as the “Eight Trials of Alessia.” Eight is a lucky number among Orus society. When a king is dying, he undergoes the trials a second time. During this endeavor the names of possible successors are revealed to him. The next king must complete the trials before a year passes from the old king’s death, or else the trials will close forever and Orus’ monarchy will forever fail.


Orus exports lumber, gold, spices, and literature.
Orus imports silver, iron, pottery and wine.

Large Communities

Hawk’s Landing
Pen’s Ferry
Three Streams
Deek’s Repose
Port Weir


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