The Northern Wastes

The Northern Wastes


The north is a harsh and desolate place. Tundra, mountains and frosty hills compose the large expanse of the the north. Most inhabitants stay to the south of the frost line, but some brave souls live in the even crueler lands beyond that exist in eternal frost. Pycus, Orus, and Tipa all border the Wastes to the south.


The Northern Wastes have the largest population of dwarves in Kaldara. Humans and half-orcs are also numerous. Some communities have elven minorities, but halflings and gnomes are never seen.


The Wastes consist of numerous smaller tribes and communities that rule themselves. At some points in history, they have united for a common cause.


Twice a year, the tribes and communities of the Wastes come together with merchants from all over Kaldara to meet and trade.

Large Communities


The Northern Wastes

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