The Mad Trickster


Not much is known about Cyrus’ physical attributes. He was a human male, of eastern Orusian blood.


The man who came to be known as Cyrus was a figure of great repute before he disappeared from the world. His humble origins are clouded by myth and fantasy, but what is known is what has been recorded of his rise to fame.

Cyrus started as a small time thief in Menida, stealing objects from rich magician’s houses and selling them off at fair sums in Perida. He would then steal objects from Perida and give them as gifts to the affluent members of society at social gatherings.

Traveling north once his trickery became noticed, he worked in a guild punishing those who were slow on their loans. In one instance, he slowly changed the color of a debtor’s hair such that by the end of two weeks it was a garish shade of orange. He then filled his house to bursting with carrots.

The first recorded instance of Cyrus’ insanity was the Night of Ten Statues, in which every statue in Dalarus that measured over two men high were removed and stacked in the Royal Gardens. Inscribed at the bottom of the jumble of stone were only two words: “Inexplicable” and “Gelatinous”. The roses of the royal garden had been rearranged to spell Cyrus’ name in Terran.

As Cyrus became more and more insane, his tricks became wilder and on a much larger scale. At one point before his disappearance he moved on of the Olzrati Islands to the middle of the Inland Sea.

Cyrus created the dungeon Zoab to test his young son, before disappearing under unknown circumstances.


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