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  • Alsmead

    h1. Alsmead Alsmead is both an abbey and a chapel. h2. Abbey The abbey is in [[Pen's Ferry | Pen's Ferry,]] headed by the respectable abbot [[:bellarion | Timothy Bellarion.]] It houses a small group of dedicated monks who pray to the gods of …

  • Geralt

    Geralt is a necromancer that was met and killed in the caverns below Alsmead Chapel. He was slain in the raising room, where his work digging up dead bodies for the work of the necromancers. His body now lies in the pits that he dug. After his death, the …

  • Relal the Necromancer

    Little is known of Relal, only that he was in charge of the operation under Alsmead. He was in contact with the Grey Band in regards to shipments of dead bodies. His necromantic powers were praised by [[:geralt | Geralt.]]

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