Zoab is the name of a test, of sorts. A sprawling dungeon built into the mountainous areas of Jandoor Fen, it holds several decades of work from the insane trickster Cyrus. When Cyrus’ son became of age, he started to learn the skills and strategies of his father. In due course, to test his abilities, Cyrus built Zoab and left the material plane. Markings at the end of the challenge led to his new home.

Cyrus’ son never completed the challenges, but instead turned to a life as a smuggler throughout Kaldara. He was hung and executed by the Allied Kings of Erod (whose alliance ended shortly after, ending the 167 years of peace started by the war at Kor-makoth).

However, Zoab was completed by the second Philosopher King of Orus, and forever after used in the test of wisdom for successor kings. It is completed perhaps once every century since, each time by the next king elects.


In the mountains of Jandoor Fen there is a large ravine that ends in a comfortable staircase. Following the path leads the traveler to a large but not quite imposing overlook, with many statues and columns.

Among the columns is a wall containing a single door and a warning in Draconic:
“Never assume.”

Of course, this assumes the reader knows Draconic, which really leads to the true message of Zoab:
“Never assume anything makes sense.”


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