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The Darker Depths

Trouble brews, as it always does. In every dark place in the world, threads of things that have been weave slowly into webs of things that have yet to come. Out in the warmth of the day, the world moves in a jumble of color and emotion. The humanoid races find comfort in their neighbors and conflict with their enemies. They sing songs of joy and weep tears of sadness. Far away in the cold and the dark, creatures with twisted faces and ruined souls contrive foul schemes to purge the light from the surface. They whisper threats and carve ruinous paths.

Someday, in a time and a place not yet known, these two worlds collide. The dark schemes will bubble up like oil in a vat and scorch the world above. Alliances will shatter, dreams crushed, hopes slide away like snow from the mountains.

And there will be heroes. Or villains. Instead of struggling against the strands of fate, they will be weaving it. Emerging from the flames and forging a new world from the ashes.

These are things that have happened.

And will soon come to pass.

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